Visit the world famous historic temples and beaches of Kanagawa on a fully catered Livelo road cycling tour.

Kanagawa prefecture is located south of Tokyo and bordered by Mount Fuji to the northwest, Tokyo Bay to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the south.

Along with its beautiful nature, Kanagawa is renowned for its geisha and samurai districts, the bustling city of Yokohama, and some of Japan’s highest-quality seafood. Kanagawa is a unique mix of traditional and modern Japan, making it the perfect place to visit on your road cycling tour. 

Your Livelo tour is a private tour, and as such, can be easily modified to suit your schedule, cycling style, dietary, sight-seeing and accommodation needs. Your tour leader, Peter is a passionate local who speaks fluent English, Dutch and Japanese.

A support driver will accompany the tour for its duration and ensure you are served the best fresh local produce and that your dietary needs and preferences are catered for. Peter frequently bikes around Kanagawa and knows the roads, lakes, parks and culture of the region as only locals can.

Join us in Kanagawa prefecture and discover the rich beauty and culture of this land in the best way possible, a fully catered bike tour on one of our Ribble, Bianchi or De Rosa road bikes.

Locations & Routes

  • Popular routes visit a variety of beautiful locations including:

    Enoshima peninsula

    Kamakura Temples

    Hakone retreat area

Examples of Popular Routes:

  • Hakone

    Distance: 88.52km

    Elevation Gain: 1,531m

    Difficulty: Medium - Hard

  • Enoshima and Miura Headlands

    Distance: 86.93km

    Elevation Gain: 587m

    Difficulty: Medium

  • Gunma to Miura Ferry Crossing

    Distance: 123.11km

    Elevation Gain: 772m

    Difficulty: Medium

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Additional Activities

  • Wherever you are cycling, chances are there are activities unique to the area. Your local guide will help you fill your rest day with activities that are of interest to you.

    In addition to our primary riding program, participants can enjoy the following activities on rest days subject to location, availability, and weather.

    Sake tasting 


    Temple/Shrine visits

    Dress up in Samurai or Kimono clothes

    Onsen Hot Springs

Attractions & Destinations

  • Destinations we can visit include:

    • Enoshima Shrine 

    • Iwaya Caves

    • Choanji Temple

    • Atamijo Castle

    • Kōtoku-in (The Great Buddha)

    • Yabusame (Horseback Archery)

    • Hachimangu Shrine

Accommodation Options

Livelo can arrange the simplest of accommodations just as easy as it can arrange the most luxurious of accommodations for you. Our main goal is to work within your budget and comfort needs. Options include:

  • Tent/Glamping

    Glamping: where adventure meets luxury. Camping combined with the amenities and conveniences of proper accommodations, Glamping can add a naturous touch to your cycling experience.

  • Hotels

    Hotels are another fantastic option that bring a more traditional vacation feel to your cycling experience.

  • Japanese Ryokan

    A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese-inn featuring tatami rooms, futon beds, and onsens (hot springs). Elevate your cycling journey by experiencing the traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality at a Ryokan.


  • What's Included?

    Fully guided tour with support vehicle and ride captain riding with you

    Accommodation included

    All Breakfast, lunch and dinners included

    Mechanical support

    Locally inspired wine with meals

    Snacks and drinks on the road

    All gratuities

    Local guides

  • What's Not Included?

    Travellers and Medical Insurance

    Flight Cost, Airport Tax & Surcharge

    Additional Hotel Expenses

Why Livelo?

Livelo offers a unique travel cycling experience:

    • all tours are private.
      • other tour operators usually charge additional fees for private tours
    • all tours are fully customized to your needs.
      • your start date
      • your duration
      • your destinations
      • your accommodation preferences
      • your routes
      • your preferred miles and altitude
      • your preferred rest day activities
      • your bike or Livelo's with e-road bikes available
      • or, leave all the details to our local tour curators
    • no single surcharge
    • your private chef working with the freshest local produce and wine

Livelo will provide you with an immersive experience of the Japanese lifestyle.

Design Your Custom Road Bike Tour

Each Livelo Bike Tour is completely unique and is meant to be customized based on your needs, cycling ability, excursion preferences and price range.