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The Lakes District - Road Bike Tour Chile

Ride the beautiful Lakes District in Chile's iconic south. The stunning scenery, relaxed lifestyle and unspoilt environment combined with Livelo's high-quality Trek bikes, expert local staff combine to create a  truly unique road cycling experience.

Your Livelo tour is a private tour, and as such, can be easily modified to suit your cycling, dietary, sight-seeing and accommodation needs. 

Your tour leader, Felipe is a passionate local who speaks fluent Spanish, English and French.

Your personal Chef Aldo will accompany the tour for its duration and ensure you are served the best fresh local produce and that your dietary needs and preferences are catered for.

Both Felipe and Aldo call the city of Concepcion home and know the roads, lakes, parks and culture of The South as only locals can.

Chile has been awarded the best adventure travel destination in South America in 2016, 2017 and 2018 at the World Travel Awards. 

Join us in Chile's Lakes District in 2019 and discover the rich beauty and culture of this land in the best way possible, a fully catered bike tour about our Trek Emonda road bikes. 


Why Livelo?

Livelo offers a unique travel cycling experience:

  • all tours are private.
  • all tours a fully customized to your needs.
    • your start date
    • your duration
    • your destinations
    • your accommodation preferences
    • your routes
    • your preferred miles and altitude
    • your preferred rest day activities
    • your bike or Livelo's with e-road bikes available
    • or, leave all the details to our local tour curators
  • no single surcharge
  • your private chef working with the freshest local produce and wine

Livelo will provide you with an immersive experience of the Chilean lifestyle.


Sample 10 Day Tour Overview 


Summer 2019


10 Days/9 Nights


USD$6,500 - AUD$8,900 - €5,715 - £5,085


471 - 629 km


5,591 - 7,288 m

Group Size

Min 3


Routes tailored to your needs.

Custom Tours


Private Tours


Bike Hire

Yes includes 2019 Trek Emonda


    Day to Day Outline - Typical Itinerary 

    Distance Elevation Distance Elevation


    Start - Finish

    Option 1 

    Option 1 

    Option 2  Option 2


    Puerto Montt El Tepual International Airport - Puerto Octo City


    0 m Transfer 0 m 


    Puerto Octo City - Lago Puyehue

    57 km 

    221 m

    110 km 453 m


    Futrono - Lago Ranco

    65 km  

     482 m

    125 km 921 m


    Lago Ranco - Futrono

     24 km

     261 m

    49 km 514 m


    Futrono - Los Lagos



    Rest Rest


    Los Lagos - Puerto Fuy

    59 km

    625 m

    122 km 1,746 m


    Catripulli - Trancura - Catripulli

    51 km 

    154 m

    100 km 293 m


    Villarica City - Villarica City



    Rest Rest


    Villarica City - Puerto Fuy 

    62 km

    758 m

    127 km 1,664 m


    Puerto Fuy - Valdivia Pichoy Airport


    0 m Transfer 0 m


    - - - - -


    Accomodation Options




    The Details

    What’s Included?

    • Fully guided tour with support vechile and ride captain riding with you. 
    • Accommodation included
    • All Breakfast, lunch and dinners included
    • Mechanical support
    • Locally inspired wine with meals
    • Local airport shuttles
    • Snacks and drinks on the road
    • All gratuties 
    • Local guides
    • Livelo jersey

    Additional Activities

    In addition to our primary riding program, participates can enjoy the following activities on rest days subject to location, availability, and weather.

    • Kayaking
    • Fly fishing
    • Wine tasting sessions
    • Rafting
    • Horseback riding
    • Zip lining

    Attractions / Destinations

    • Pucon City
    • Villarica City
    • Futrono
    • Futange National Park
    • National Park of Puyehue
    • Ranco Lake
    • Lago Puyehue
    • Los Lagos Village
    • Trancura
    • Puerto Fuy
    • Lago Panguipulli

    What’s Not Included?

    • Travellers and Medical Insurance
    • Flight Cost, Airport Tax & Surcharge
    • Additional Hotel Expenses

    Private Tours?

    • Other tour operators usually charge additional fees for private tours. A Livelo tour is private by default


      - - - - -

    Sample 10 Day Tour

    Day 1

    After arriving in the Puerto Montt El Tepual International Airport a Livelo member will pick you up and take you on a two hour road trip down to Puerto Octay City. Enjoy the beautiful German style colonial homes and much more that this charming lakeside town has to offer!

    We will get you set up on your bikes, make sure everyones fit it setup correctly and provide the opportunity for short local ride. The group will meet for dinner and enjoy complementary regional wine. 

    Day 2

    Today’s ride is a surreal getaway from the hustle and bustle of human civilization. The cool, fresh air will not go unnoticed as the windy roads take you past some of the countries most scenic farmland. The journey begins at 8 am in Puerto Octay, on the Northern Shore of Lago Llanquihue, and passes by Lago Rupanco, ending at Lago Puyehue.

    With no cars and no smog, the fresh smell of the local farms will accompany you all along the way. The small fishing villages, friendly people, and beautifully hand crafted wooden boats will give you unique insight into the reality of everyday life in Chile.

    Upon arrival, relax and relish in the stunning Puyehue National Park. Here you will find yourself surrounded by some of the best that nature has to offer, including waterfalls, thermal springs, evergreen forests, and towering volcanoes. From swimming, to hiking, to fishing, to horse riding, to birdwatching there are many ways for you to let off relax and reconnect with nature. And don't forget to update your Instagram story while your at it. 

    The ride is a total of 56 km, with the option of extending it another 50 km around part of Lago Puyehue for those who desire a bit more of a challenge. As you settle in and prepare for tomorrow, we will fine tune your bicycle.

    Day 3

    After an early breakfast, your Livelo vehicle will pick you up from the town of Puyehue and take you to Futrono, located on the northern edge of Lago Ranco. The ride is a little more challenging than yesterday’s, so be sure to use the drive ride to stretch, relax, and prepare for the day.

    The cool wind is sure to be present for the entirety of the outing, as you will ride alongside Lago Ranco, from Futrono to the town of Lago Ranco.

    The breathtaking natural landscapes capture the true beauty of Los Lagos Region. Along the way, we will take a rest in the scenic Futangue National Park. In this remote land, you will find yourself surrounded by stunning forests, majestic mountains, turquoise waterfalls, and lava fields. There are a wide range of activities for you to do in the park, including fly fishing, kayaking, swimming, and horseback riding.

    After spending some time in this amazing national park, we will complete the final leg of the ride on the southern edge of Lago Ranco. Today’s journey will be 65 km long, and offers another route that is an additional 61 km longer. Those who choose the longer path will ride to the tip of Lago Maihue before arriving at the Futangue National Park.

    Day 4

    This ride begins in the village of Lago Ranco and ends in Futrono, which completes the full loop around Lago Ranco. Before the excursion, we highly recommend checking out some of the beautiful beaches that the village has to offer.

    The scenic views of Northern Patagonia will continue to amaze you, as a magnificent mountain range lies just across the lake. Todays journey will be relatively light ride, with a distance of 49 km and elevation of 514 m, in order to give you some time to really enjoy Futrono.  

    Upon arrival, there will be a number of activities for you to choose from, such horseback riding, fly fishing, zip lining and golf. Futrono itself is a small city, with lots of food options, boutique shops, and breathtaking beaches. After spending some time around the city and eating, we will check into the cabana and rest up.

    Day 5 

    Today will be a rest day to allow you to recover for the longer rides in the upcoming days. After sleeping in and eating a big breakfast, we will take a one hour bus drive to Los Lagos Village. This picturesque riverside town embodies all the wonderful aspects of the Region de Los Rios, including the awe-inspiring Volcano Osorno and astonishing waterfalls along the Calle Calle River.

    Next we enjoy a wine tasting tour at one of the regions most authentic local wineries. After the tour, we will have a delicious lunch, made by our very own chef feature local produce to match the regional wine selection. Once everyone has rested after lunch, we will explore some of the neighboring mountains on an exquisite climb, followed by some kayaking and fishing in the Calle Calle River. The fresh air, cool wind and blue water will replenish your body and mind

    After the water activities, you’ll get the opportunity to wander all around this old-fashioned village, and enjoy the local shops and eateries.

    Day 6

    This journey will be one of the longest you experience on the trip. The day starts in Los Lagos Village from where we make our way to Puerto Fuy, a small village located on the northeast end of Lago Pirihueico, only 20 km from the Argentina border.

    The first part of the ride will be relatively flat through wide open farmland. Once we reach Lago Panguipulli, the elevation will begin to rise as we ascend into the mountains. The hard work will be rewarded with the fresh cool breeze coming off of Lago Panguipulli.

    Upon arrival in Puerto Fuy, you will enjoy a freshly prepared meal as you relax on the beautiful sandy beaches of Lago Pirihueico. In total, the ride will be 122 km long with an elevation of 1,746 meters. Of course, if you have bad legs, the Livelo transport is right there to assist. 

    Day 7 

    After eating a delicious breakfast, we will transported you on a two and a half hour ride from Puerto Fuy to Catripulli. This cycle journey is down to Trancura and back, which runs right in between two mountain ranges in the Villarrica National Park. All along the route, you will have many photo worthy views the Volcan Villarrica. Trancura is most known for its beautiful rough river, perfect for white water rafting. The entirety of this trip is 51 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 293 meters.

    Those who desire a longer ride will have the unique opportunity to cross the border into Argentina. In Argentina, we will have a meal right on the Lago Tromen.

    The extended route ends up having a distance of 100 kilometers and an elevation gain of 1,255 meters. After arriving in Catripulli, we will transported back to your lodging in Villarica. 

    This majestic lakeside city is known for its great fishing and rafting opportunities, friendly people, ski center, and mild climate.

    Day 8

    After sleeping in, we enjoy a day of rest in Pucon and to enjoy everything this Lake District city has to offer.

    Pucon’s unique location gives it a reputation in Chile of a city known for its extreme adventures. From hot springs, to rafting, to kayaking, to skiing, to hiking, to waterskiing, to skydiving, there’s surely no shortage of activities in Pucon.

    This city a tourist hotspot, as the natural landscape around Pucon can not be beaten. With its hot springs, lakeside beaches, temperate rainforests, proximity to Volcanoes, surrounding mountains, forested valleys, rivers, and volcanic caves, Pucon is a must see attraction.

    The infrastructure and development of the city is one of the best in its respective realm, consisting of microbreweries, endless food options, and wineries.

    After spending the day visiting Pucon City, we will head back to Villarrica where we will spend the night at the same hotel.

    Day 9

    Today is the final bike ride, starting in Villarrica and ending in Puerto Fuy, and is the longest ride of the trip. The ride begins with a steady descent out of Villarrica and rides the edge of the Lago Panguipulli. You will cycle past three different volcanoes: Volcan Villarrica, Volcan Quetrupillan, and Volcan Lanin.

    This beautiful windy road provides you with amazing air quality and a comfortable temperature, to make your final ride a very memorable one.

    After arriving in Puerto Fuy, your chef will make a very special farewell dinner. We will spend some time reflecting on the trip, and begin getting our goodbyes in with complementary local wine to go around.

    We will stay in the hotel Hulio Hulio Montana Magica, which is well known all around Chile for its unique style of architecture and conservation efforts. 

    Day 10 

    After a celebritory final night, you will be transferred to Valdivia Pichoy Airport for you flight our of the majestic Lakes district of Chile's south. You will leave feeling accomplished, inspired and with new respect for the beauty of this very special part of the world.