Your Custom Road Bike Tour- China

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*If these areas aren’t destinations you had in mind of your tour, don’t hesitate to email us. We love hearing of new possibilities and work to ensure that you are happy with the fully customizable itinerary.

  • Tour Beijing and the Great Wall
  • Tour Miyun Valley District
  • Tour Kham Old Tibet - Sichuan

Your bike.

Our fleet of Specialized Diverge DSW Bikes are high performance road bikes and are trusted to make each day on the road most enjoyable. A bike and all required accessories are provided for no extra charge.

Choose where you want to stay.

Livelo can arrange the simplest of accommodations just as easy as it can arrange the most luxurious of accommodations for you. Whether it be your desire to have a rugged experience where each night is spent under the stars or around fellow travelers in a friendly hostel. Or it be that those camping days are behind you and what’s most important is falling asleep in a private five star room after a long day of cycling and adventure. Options range from hostel and tent to a standard hotel, or a private villa in order to accommodate your budget and most importantly comfort.


Choose what you eat.

Being well-fed and properly fueled is vital for any trip to be memorable. Livelo has taken a commitment to ensure that each guest has the opportunity to experience the freshest local cuisine at each stop. La M food truck will greet at each stop with refreshments and a fresh cooked meal.  Similar to choosing the type of accommodation, you will choose the level of catering you wish to receive.

Choose your rest-day adventures.

On the times your not behind the handlebars, finding rest-day activities won’t be a problem in an area as famous as Chile. The country has been awarded the best adventure travel destination in South America in 2016, 2017 and 2018 at the World Travel Awards. Our guides are well connected with other adventure guides in the area. Choose from a wide range of activities from a white water rafting excursion to a rock climbing adventure.

What’s included?

  • Fully guided tour with support vehicle and ride captain riding with you.

  • Accommodation included

  • All Breakfast, lunch and dinners included

  • Mechanical support

  • Locally inspired wine with meals

  • Local airport shuttles

  • Snacks and drinks on the road

  • All gratuities

  • Local guides

  • Livelo jersey

What’s Not Included?

  • Travellers and Medical Insurance

  • Flight Cost, Airport Tax & Surcharge

  • Additional Hotel Expenses

The Price.

We will customize the price to suit your accommodation, catering and rest-day activities. Our goal is always to ensure a Livelo tour represents great value for the money. Complete the form above and we will respond with a range of pricing options for you.


If your prefer to leave the details with us because you may be indifferent about the details or just don't entirely know what to expect, we have created a 5 and 10 day sample itinerary for your convenience. Inquire for itinerary.